We are each... beings of energy… And, truly everything is energy.  It just vibrates on a different level or frequency.  Our goal during your session is to bring balance, peace, relaxation and harmony... within you and your energy fields. We will ask you questions before we start and then focus on your desired outcomes for the session.  Often you will often: relax, let go, feel or experience peace, you may feel tingling or a release from your body or energy field.

What's a session like?

Our goal is to best support you where you are, and also... where you want to go.

You will rest on a massage table... fully clothed (if you are in our office) or feel free to call or e-mail us for a distance session).  All sessions are individual and unique.  The body, mind, and spirit, work together as one unit… You shift and change in every moment.  Your wellness comes from many factors, including: emotions, frame of mind, physical and spiritual.  Energy-work helps release stress, restores harmony and supports you in shifting to what you truly desire to create in your life!


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Life Coaching



Spiritual Life Coaching you will have the opportunity to:

  • Make a commitment to yourself.
  • Choose to take proven steps to change your life.
  • Empower Yourself
  • Take back your personal power.
  • Start creating better & healthy relationships
  • Be your own best friend.
  • Parent yourself.
  • Stop taking on other people’s stuff.
  • Renew your connection to Source/God/The Divine/Harmonic Energy (whatever word you use).
  • Take time daily for yourself and your connection to Source.
  • Make choices for yourself and implement them in your life.
  • Learn how to make time and relax regularly.
  • Be aware of the thoughts and words you are using and shift them to more positive as you are ready and willing.
  • Release old baggage & traumas from your life.
  • Feel, Own and Validate your Feelings.
  • Put Spirit first and life and your life in from a place of peace and harmony.
  • And… so much more!

Our Certified Spiritual Life Coach Alexandria Pederson will be your guide and mentor during this process of positive change and transformation.


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Centers of Light and Love

Experience is everything, and here at Centers of Light, your experience is completely original to your needs and wants. Our philosophy is to give you the benefits of all types of wellness, including mind, body, and spirit. Just take a look below and you’ll see what we mean. 


Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis (which reaches your subconscious mind... while you are relaxed).  The purpose is to change your life, in the process.   Hypnosis is defined as an altered state of consciousness.  In this altered state, you are always in control and have a heightened state of awareness and susceptibility to use beneficial suggestions.   
Hypnotherapy uses guided imagery as a means of communication between the conscious mind in it's active waking state and the subconscious mind.   The conscious mind uses daily thoughts of reasoning of logic for your daily activities.   The subconscious on the other hand, has the greatest influence over your life.  It receives all sorts of messages from our society, environment, historic background, DNA, and all of the disharmony or challenges/opportunities from the daily life.  The subconscious is often where our tendency for fight or flight comes from in certain situations.  Many problems faced by all are: chronic behaviors, stress, anxiety, and long held attitudes that may be traced back to interpretations by the subconscious part of our minds… which is where the memory of the event(s) are stored.  Traumatic events are often stored in the subconscious. 


Please call our office at (540) 588-0788 or e-mail us if you have further questions or wish to schedule an appointment...