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Spiritual Life Coaching is a way to support you in a process of growth and internal evolution.  There are many pieces to the process.  And, depending on your personal needs, the material covered may be very different from person to person.  The same 16 lessons are taught by many spiritual masters.  The focus of these teachings are the application in your life.

  1. Self-Mastery - Mastering the E.G.O. Empowering your Self. 
  2. Cleaning the slate of your mind.  Re-writing your beliefs into empowering ones.    
  3. Using the Conscious Creation Process, by taking a series of specific actions that bring about an expected end result… the life you choose to empower yourself with!
  4. Learning to use the Language of Feelings, your intuitive Self.  Maturely empower your life. 
  5. Self-Parenting is heart work.  Focus your attention on the intuitive, emotional and feeling elements of your inner Self-mastery.  Fulfilling your emotional dependency: and be emotionally intimate with yourself and others; be unconditionally loving and accepting yourself and others; nurture yourself and others; and maturely protect your boundaries. 
  6. Creating Spiritual Relationships creates an environment that helps you grow faster. 
  7. If your Ego is your Master, it keeps you separate and alone.  Your Self is your vehicle of Unity. 
  8. The Metaphysics of Self-Mastery is a five-step process from ignorance of the Laws of Life work, to the progressive realization of how to consciously use the Laws to create your desires. 
  9. The four Spiritual distinctions will empower you to feel the difference between your… (1) Spirit and your Ego Mind; (2) Spirit and your Human Identities (Roles); (3) Intuitive Feelings and emotional Blocks; (4) Emotional Traumas and your Spiritual Powers.
  10. The Self-Mastery Disciplinas are the fuel  of your journey home to your Self.  Disciplina is a Latin word that means to learn or teach.  The four self-mastery disciplina intentions are: 1. Prayer, 2. Visualization, 3. Spiritual Distinction Meditation, 4. DIS-CREATION, learning how to discreate your old negative programming and learn how to install new Self-mastered Programs into the subconscious mind. 
  11. Money Mastery overcoming your beliefs about struggle/pain and use Universal Law to empower yourself.
  12. Weight Mastery is the art of thinking, eating and living like a naturally trim, holistic person.
  13. Holistic Parenting Mastery is educating yourself to teach your children (or model for others) how to be healthy and happy and live a life of happiness and success in their own lives.
  14. The Laws of Karma and Dharma are divinity in motion. 
  15. Learn the seven spiritual truths and apply them to create love, healthy and abundance.
  16. Self-Mastery in a nutshell is Spirit first.  Use discontentment to empower yourself on your journey home to your Self.  

Advanced work for a deeper dive are (after the Self Mastery Program):

  • Self Parenting Mastery - Deeper Dive
  • Money Mastery - Deeper Dive
  • Relationship Mastery - Deeper Dive
  • Weight Mastery - Deeper Dive

Other advanced work will be assigned on a case by case basis.

What’s a Coaching session like? 
Individual sessions are offered one-on-one and are either in person or via the telephone.  You will want to schedule your time to be in session, give yourself time to accomplish your assignments, have your book ($77 purchase), paper, pen, water, tissue, be seated in a comfortable chair and be generally comfortable (for phone sessions in person or in group).  Alexandria will lead/guide you in breathing and being present.  Then she will support you, wherever you are on your path to learn, grow and evolve on your path.  You will be given weekly homework assignments. Sessions usually last 1 hour.

Group sessions may be in person or over the phone.  The fee for sessions is reduced for groups.  Many of the lessons, especially in the beginning are the same, and if your need more time to process or a lower payment are important, group sessions may fit your needs.  We will cover the 16 basic lessons and for specific sessions, you will be scheduled for individual sessions at a 25% discount if you are in a group class.  There is still homework assigned weekly, due 72 hours before your next scheduled session.  

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