Holistic services                                   holistic classes 

Centers of Light and Love

​Energy Sessions are provided one-on-one, and are either in person or by telephone. 

Types of issues to be addressed: Any stress, disharmony, illness or dis-ease, frustration, anger, anxiety, stale or stagnant energy, as well as any lack or limitation.  

The type of energy being shared  are: Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Verbatim & what is being Channeled from Source.  

The goal is to release any and all disharmony and to restore balance, peace and harmony. 

The desire is for your highest and best outcome. 

We will focus together on whatever issues or opportunities you you are working with or are are choosing to change in your life. 

Often there is trauma to release, regardless of memory of the situation or not.  Your body remembers.  The goal is to tap into it and release it,  regardless of space or time... all are facilitated during these sessions.  Energy is downloaded for you and a time of processing afterwards is usually 2 – 3 weeks to assimilate the changes that take place during the session.​ 

*** If you wish to know what is being released, please ask for this information to be shared ahead of time so the information can be shared during the session or notes can be taken during the sessions and discussed during or afterwards to facilitate your complete process.  Being interested in what is going on within you is good as well as learning what happened and why, will help you to be mindful as to how to create a different result in the future.