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Are you ready for your life to be transformed?  Do you have knowledge that you are not applying in your life?  Are you ready to take action and steps to the fulfillment of your dreams?  Then this is the right time and right place for you...

Join me this Thursday, February 8, 2018 - FREE Tele-class call in number for the first class is (641) 715-3655 enter code 307380 #.  The first class is free, to learn about the program and have an opportunity to ask questions.  Future classes for those enrolled, will be given a new phone number to call and password to enter the conference. Group Life Coaching, Tele-Class offered via telephone.  This class will be meeting weekly on Thursdays at 7:00 pm EST.  For approximately 9 - 10 months.  

The Manual's cost is $77 for a hard copy or $10 a month for e-version to be e-mailed to you.  

Investment is $25 a week, approximately $100 per month to be paid monthly, in advance for the coming month. 

This class is limited to 11 students.  There are a few spots are currently available. Please contact us right way if you would like to participate.  

Homework will be assigned weekly and is due 72 hours before the next class meeting.

Each person is responsible (to respond with ability) for themselves.  If there are any additional needs, please discuss with Alexandria prior to class.  Once you start, you are committing to the 9 month process for yourself and to actively participate in the class.  

​​1. Self-Mastery – your quest to the perfect you. Mastering the Ego.  Empowering the Self.
2. Why affirmations alone do not work and how to clean the slate of your mind.  Learn how to dis-create your negative beliefs so new positive beliefs can take root and flourish. 
3. The Conscious Creation Process is a series of specific actions that bring about an expected end result… the life that you consciously desire to experience!
4. The Language of Feelings is the language of your intuitive Self.  It is a unique, mature, effective and Self-empowering way to process your life. 
5. Self-Parenting is heart work.  Self-parenting helps you focus your attention on the intuitive, emotional and feeling elements of your inner Self-mastery studies.  Fulfilling your emotional dependency needs is a process designed to teach you: be emotionally intimate with yourself and others; be unconditionally loving and accepting yourself and others; nurture yourself and others; and how to maturely protect your boundaries so that you will feel safe and secure. 
6. A Spiritual Relationship is formed when two (or more) people come together for the purpose of spiritual growth.  Such a relationship creates a holistic environment that helps you grow faster than you could on your own. 
7. Is your Ego Mind your Master? The human school has a beautiful system of balance created between the self and the ego mind.  Your ego mind is your instrument of separateness.  Your Self is your vehicle of unity. 
8. The Metaphysics of Self-Mastery on your journey home to your Self usually unfolds as a five-step process from ignorance of how the Laws of Life work, to the progressive realization of how to consciously use the Laws to create your desires. 
9. Spiritual Distinction of Meditation feel the difference between your Spirit (intuitive heart) and your mind (thoughts).  The four Spiritual distinctions will empower you to feel the difference between your… (1) Spirit and your Ego Mind; (2) Spirit and your Human Identities (Roles); (3) Intuitive Feelings and emotional Blocks; (4) Emotional Traumas and your Spiritual Powers.
10. The Self-Mastery Disciplinas are the fuel you need on the journey home to your Self.  Disciplina is a Latin word that means to learn or teach.  The four self-mastery disciplina intentions are: 1. Prayer, 2. Visualization, 3. Spiritual Distinction Meditation, 4. DIS-CREATION, learning how to discreate your old negative programming and learn how to install new Self-mastered Programs into the subconscious mind. 
11. Money Mastery overcoming your beliefs about struggle and pain and use Universal Law to empower yourself.
12. Weight Mastery is the art of thinking, eating and living like a naturally trim, holistic person.
13. Holistic Parenting Mastery is educating yourself to teach your children how to be healthy and happy and live a life of happiness and success in their own lives.
14. The Laws of Karma and Dharma are divinity in motion. 
15. The Truth and Nothing but the Truth.  Learn the seven spiritual truths and apply them to create love, healthy and abundance.  Your belief is your reality…
16. Self-Mastery in a nutshell is Spirit first.  Any discontentment will stimulate you to keep on keeping on your journey home to your Self.

*** In addition to these 16 lessons, Alexandria will be facilitating Re-Writing (12 weeks) your CORE spiritual beliefs.  The whole program will run 9 - 10 months. 

Self Love - Caring for yourself. 

Saturday, March 2018 to be announced - in Asheville, NC.

Co-taught by April Conner.   Location to be announced.  

More information will be posted as available.  

April E. Conner
Mystic, Wise Woman
My purpose is to assist others in enhancing their daily experience of the Divine.  The journey of my life has been about celebrating the moment and connecting with others. I find inspiration and joy in meditation, beauty, spirit, nature, and collaboration. I define myself as spiritual for I know that everything is Spirit. I have a deep respect for all teachings for each person’s path is as individual and unique as s/he is. I strive to be aware of my own thoughts, feelings, and actions in my life and in my work with others. I speak with honesty, clarity, and integrity. I teach the benefits of using tools for greater awareness and transformation.  

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