Centers of Light and Love

Hypnotherapy (regular, regression and advanced regression)

Hypnotherapy taps into the subconscious and can successfully be used for most issues including: Stress Reduction, Improved Sleep, Reduction in fears and phobias, Be smoke free, Weight Loss and general wellness.  The first session is usually two hours (or longer) depending on your personal history, trauma & issue(s).  Follow up sessions are usually 90 minutes, again depending on your needs and history.  A CD will be made and given to you to use and listen to for a starting period of 1 month.  Usually you will follow up after a month to reassess and address any further desires or needs. 

Regression Therapy uses a relaxed state to tap into a different place or time and go back to the origin of the issue that is creating the challenges in your life.  You will need to have completed a successful regular hypnotherapy session first and if you still have issues to resolve, regression is possibly the next step.  If you have done all of your work in this lifetime and still are feeling stuck, limited, or are not moving forward in the way you desire… Regression will usually resolve the issue. (1.5 – 2 hours)

Life-Between-Lives Therapy is a very advanced form of regression.  This session is available after successful accomplishment of regular hypnotherapy and regression therapy.  This session is    4 – 6 hours in duration.  Before starting this, you will want to complete: 1. Regular Hypnotherapy.  2. Regression Therapy.  3. a list of people who have been teachers in your life (positive and negative), and a few words to describe them; 4. have a list of questions ready (this will include all of the things you have wanted to know including burning desires for knowledge); and 5. be ready and willing to experience:  your expanded Soul, Soul group, Specialty Soul Group, healing centers, the Counsel, the Library/Hall of Records, Akashic Records and pre-birth planning along with other options or locations as they arise.  6. You will want to set aside the entire day for this session and not plan anything afterwards except time for rest and reflection.

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