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Testimonial ~

Alexandria is a gifted healer.  Michael Y. August 2017

Testimonial ~

Dear Alexandria, Thank you so much for your very inspired healing! My right hip is no longer hurting, nor my sacrum!  It's been years since they have not been in pain!  Yeah!!! You are truly gifted! Namaste' Linda B. July 2017

Testimonial ~

Thank you Alexandria for helping me open up my heart.  Love, Crystal L. June 2017

Testimonial ~

Expanded is the first word that comes to mind when I think of the growth and healing I have experienced from all of my work with Alexandria.  Expanded in my perspective, my spiritual connection with God, in my understanding of my past and my empowerment to manifest a life of my dreams.  I feel my soul and its vibration opening and limitations melting.  

Alexandria is a gifted healer and coach... in many ways. How do I thank my teacher?  As tears fill my eyes, I feel my heart swell.   I thank you Alexandria!  By saying you have helped me, I have learned one of the most important lessons in life... to love myself! 

Donna A.

Testimonial ~

I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Alexandria Pederson, a Master Hypnotherapist/ Life Coach, who coached me with patience and understanding. 

She implemented strategies and techniques to help me focus on the positive and become clear as to what I really wanted... prior to the hypnotherapy session. 

Alexandria is a professional who has demonstrated  passion and love while assisting me to accept and appreciate who I am now; while at the same time providing directions for me to create the "Me" I desire to be... with a healthy body and healthy weight.

 Shirley E. 

Testimonial ~

Thank you so much for all of your support.  I appreciate you so much.  Words can not express the Gratitude I feel for having you to lean on right now during this difficult period in my life.  I have had to be so strong my whole life.  SO STRONG!  And it is really hard for me to trust and to be vulnerable without feeling Judged or taken advantage of. 
YOU make me feel both safe and supported.  Something I never got from my own parents. 

THANK YOU so much! YOU are AN ANGEL! Love and Light and Many Blessings
Back to YOU!

Angela M.

Testimonial ~

I had a total left knee replacement, May 21, 2014, and I want to report just how much working with Alexandria has helped me to complete my rehab two weeks early. 

Alexandria has shared healing Energy through Reiki and other healing methods with me prior to my surgery, after my surgery and during my rehab stay.  I believe it helped me very much to heal faster, control my pain and get me through my rehab with less stress.
I also had two sessions with Alexandria using Hypnotherapy prior to my surgery. I used my CD's that she recorded.  When I had bad days and was in extreme pain, these recordings helped me to relax at night so I could sleep.  They helped to be calm and peaceful.  The nurse said that your body will heal faster if you are able to stay calm and relaxed.  I played my CD's daily and I feel they helped me during my recovery.

If you need surgery or just need to relax I would strongly recommend that you take the time to have some sessions with Alexandria.  

Milton M.

Testimonial ~

The healing that I had with Alexandria was a peaceful serene experience.  Her healing touch... was just what I needed.  I felt relaxed and full of joy with her and I would heartily recommend her and her services to anyone.

Carole D.